Rebuilding Ceramides F


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Concentrate of ceramides and vitamin F Forte for very damaged, course hair with impoverished, porous fibres.


It restores the hair lipid components. It creates a protective layer around the cuticle to protect it against external chemical, mechanical and climatic aggressions. Increase in the structure, elasticity and resistance. Revolutionary multifunction (hair + skin): the CERAMIDES F concentrate can also be used on the skin of the face and/or the hands for extra nourishment, softness and protection. Ideal for very dry skins and skins that are dry for lack of fats.

How to use the product

Mix rebuilding serum with the concentrates of hyalominerals and/or ceramides F depending on the personalised diagnosis. Apply on dry hair. Leave in place for 10 minutes. Rinse

Active ingredients

Ceramides - lipids that fill the empty spaces in the external cuticle of hair. Thanks to the solubilisation process, which makes ceramides bioavailable, they penetrate the lipid barrier and regenerate it. Thanks to the regeneration of the lipid barrier, loss of water decreases, and hair becomes more moisturized.
Vitamin F Forte - It helps maintaining the lipid barrier that has been restored. Vitamin F Forte consists in essential fatty acids derived from Safflower Oil, which contains up to 70%-80% of Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid which is essential for the integrity of the lipid part of the hair. It also contains Tocopherol, a lipid antioxidant that helps preserving the extracellular matrix.


30 ml

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